What is Virtual Office?

A business location that exists only in cyberspace. A virtual office setup allows business owners and employees to work from any location by using technology such as laptop computers, cell phones and internet access. A virtual office can provide significant savings and flexibility compared to renting a traditional office space.

Who is suitable for Virtual Office?

Anyone especially small medium enterprise. There is generally no need to hire office space. Cost of rentals, maintenance, cleaning and travel fees are eliminated. You must be able to communicate with staff effectively and they must also be capable of remote working.

What are the requirements for Virtual Office?

You must have a Registered company with ACRA number in Singapore. We currently serve local companies in Singapore.

What are the services that are not provided in Virtual Office?

Services not provided in our Virtual Office Packages include call answering, banking of cheques, registration of ACRA, receiving/forwarding of registered mails/parcels, personal secretary, scanning services, forward of parcels to overseas.

Why are there two prices/rates for Virtual Office Forward/Plus packages?

With the launch of our new branch location at Paya Lebar Square, you can choose to use which business address package. Please note that different prices/rates for different business address

I do not require any mail services but can I use your company address for other purpose?

Yes, you can. As long as you are using our business address, you are required to submit signup payment form.

Why should I choose ServeHope VirtualServiceOffice.com over other VO providers?

ServeHope is the First Corporate Social Enterprise in Singapore to provide cheapest virtual office packages. Through word of mouth, we hope to create more sustainable jobs for our visually and physically challenged with special talents. At ServeHope, we do business with our hearts

Why ServeHope can provide Virtual Office Packages at such a low price?

ServeHope, a social enterprise privately funded company started since 2005, can understand that it is not easy to start a small business, with tight budget. We have gone through these phases and wanted to help entrepreneurs to start their business at minimal cost. ServeHope believes it is not easy to start a company from scratch as we can place ourselves in your position. We try to make our Virtual Office Packages as affordable for all. We value your business. Spread the words around if you like our services.

Do I make online payment or submit signup form first?

As we will integrate both signup & payment in ONE form for signup/renewal which saves you time & trouble of submitting 2 forms. You have to submit this new form to start using our Virtual Office Address for ACRA registration and corporate mailing purposes.

I do not have my company name/ACRA number yet, can I submit my signup form only when I have the information?

In order to start using our business address to register for ACRA and others, you are encouraged to submit new signup payment form even if you do not have company name/ACRA number. You can indicate TBC (To Be Confirmed) at specific fields. This is to ensure all information are updated promptly. Once you obtained your company name/ACRA number, simply email us at support@virtualserviceoffice.com.

I do not have a company and will like to have your business address as personal mailbox?

So sorry. We only provide our business address to Singapore registered company.

How will I know payment and signup form have been received?

You will be notified of payment/signup form received by email within 1 working day.

When can I start using your Virtual Office Business Mailing Address?

You can start to use our Singapore Business Address instantly for ACRA registration and mailing purpose upon submitting our NEW signup payment form.

Why should I submit signup form since I have made payment?

This is required for receipt of normal mails and mail notifications for your company. (New) As we have integrated both signup and payment as one form, you will only required to submit ONE form.

What is the Virtual Office Address (Trivex Package) assigned to my company for corporate mails and where to collect my mails?

It will be 8 Burn Road, #15-13, Trivex, Singapore 369977.

What is the Virtual Office Address (Paya Lebar Square Package) assigned to my company for corporate mails?

It will be 60, Paya Lebar Road, #10-35, Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051.

Is there Basic Package for Paya Lebar Square address?

So sorry. There is no Basic Package at Paya Lebar Square.

What type of mails will be received/forwarded?

We receive/forward only normal mails (exclude parcels) depending on package plans. We do not receive/forward registered mails/parcels at the present moment.

Why ServeHope does not receive Non Registered Parcels?

Non Registered Parcels will not be received on your behalf as our letterbox has limited space.

Why ServeHope does not receive Registered Parcels?

No Registered Parcels will be received on your behalf as your company’s stamp is required by courier company.

Are there any charges if there are Parcel(s) directed to a company or received by ServeHope?

No Registered Parcel(s) will be received on your behalf. We will not be held responsible if your parcel(s) is lost/damaged. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Parcels received on your behalf MUST be collected within a week. An administrative charge of $10 will be imposed per parcel per week.

What I have to take note when redirecting my mails to Virtual Office Address?

Please do not use ServeHope Pte Ltd in your mails. Use only your company’s name you provided to us.

How will I be notify of mails?

You will be notified of corporate mails (if any) daily by whatsapp/sms.

I do not wish to be notified by sms/whatsapp, is there an alternative?

Yes. We will send email notification when there is any mail to your email address provided in the signup form. Please indicate by/which email address, to receive notification under message field in signup form.

Can mail notification be sent to my assistant instead?

Yes, of course. We know that owners might be busy dealing with business, meetings and do not wish to be interrupted. Please indicate full name and mobile contact of the person to receive notification under message field in signup form.

Why do I not receive any mail notification?

There could be a few factors why there is no mail notification receive.

– You did not provide us your company name.

– You did not provide us your mobile number.

– You indicate to inform all mail notifications to another mobile number or email address.

– There is no mail for your company.

– Signup form submitted is not complete.

– No payment is made.

– Your package has expired.

You did not inform/update us of changes to your info.

How long will it take to approve?

It will be immediate effect once new signup payment form is submitted.

How do we get our pool of customers?

Through word of mouth, affordable virtual office packages, good service and online advertising.

Will my mails be discarded if I do not collect them?

With effect from 1st July 2017, your mails will be kept for 1 month until you come for collection.

Mail collection hours

Mail collection from Monday to Friday (1pm-5pm) except weekends & public holidays. Please notify ServeHope 1 Day in advance for mail collection.

Can I collect my mails on any day or any time?

Mails can be self collected on weekdays 1pm-5pm. Reply to our SMS/WhatsApp at 65-92333290 or call ServeHope Helpdesk at 65-65099936 as when you are coming. Help us to improve our Service by giving us 24 hrs notice (For Retrieving the Mails.)

What Security Features to ensure that mails are collected by the Correct Authorized Person?

Registered Mobile Number in the Sign Up Form will be the Authorized Person to Collect the Mail. This is also one of the security reason that reply SMS/What Apps is important for us to verify the Authorized Mobile Number/Person.

Can I ask someone else to collect mails on my behalf?

Yes, you can. You just have to inform us in advance the name and mobile number of the person collecting the mails. We understand that travelling to and fro to collect mails is time consuming and time is money.

I do not want to self collect mails, do I have other options?

You can sign up for Virtual Office Forward (Trivex) at $10/month or Virtual Office Plus (Trivex) at $20/month. Rates for Paya Lebar Square packages vary.

I am your existing customer and like to upgrade my current package, how do i do that?

You can visit https://www.virtualserviceoffice.com/topup and top up the difference via paypal (Visa and MasterCard accepted). Please submit top up form on the same page after payment.

When are mails forward to me?

Normal mails are forward to your address you provided in the new signup form at the start of each month for Virtual Office Forward / at the end of each week for Virtual Office Plus by SingPost.

Why I do not receive any mails for mail forwarding services?

The main reason could be there is no mail received for your company and thus no mail can be forward to you. This applies to mail notification too.

Can I sign up for several packages for my companies?

Yes, there are no limits to how many Virtual Office packages you can sign up.

Do I pay only one package rate/price if I have several companies?

If each of your companies has its own unique ACRA/registration number, you will to make one payment per company/ACRA number.

Can I self collect my mails at Paya Lebar Square?

Paya Lebar Square Packages are only for mail forward services.

Should I email ServeHope for any changes to my company/particular?

Yes, so that mail receipts/notifications are received/sent to the correct person/contact number/company. It is especially important for VSO clients that use our forward services.

I am currently using your service but my company is temporarily dormant now, can you hold your service

If you are still using our registered business address with Acra while dormant , you still need to take up our Package. We have many dormant companies using our Registered Business Address in their Acra Record .

You need not Renew the Service , if you have Strike off your company with Acra Or you have change to a New Registered Business Address in your Acra Record.

May I know where is ServeHope's meeting room located at?

It is located at 60, Paya Lebar Road, #10-35, Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051.

Can anyone use/book your meeting room?

So sorry, you can only use/book our meeting room only if you are our client(s). Please note that Basic (Trivex) & Forward (Trivex/PLS) Package Clients will not be entitled to use our meeting room.

Is your meeting room including in Plus package free to use?

So sorry, meeting room including in packages is at an additional rate of $20 per hour. Minimum advance booking of 2 hours. Subject to availability.

I will like to use your meeting room on a regular basis, is it available to book at a short notice?

Yes but subject to availability, on a first come first basis. You can check our meeting room slot. (You must be our client in order to use our meeting room).

Do you have picture of meeting room at Paya Lebar Square?

Yes, click here to view..

I am interested in your Shared/Service Office Package?

Our Shared/Service office at Paya Lebar Square are now Open for Registration. Please leave your contact details/contact ServeHope Helpdesk at 65099936 for more info. Do let us know your budget, number of workstations and when you need it.

Do you have picture of Shared/Service Office at Paya Lebar Square?

Yes, click here to view. You can contact ServeHope Helpdesk at 65099936 to arrange an appointment to view the units. Please leave your contact details/contact us in advance to avoid disappointment.


I am your existing client, may I know when is my next renewal date?

Your renewal date can be found in the acknowledgement letter attached in acknowledgement email.

I have lost/misplaced/deleted the email, what should I do?

You can email us at support@virtualserviceoffice.com and we will be gladly to forward you a copy.

Will I be informed/notify when my package is due for renewal?

Yes, you will receive email notifications from us, at least one month before your package expire, the day your package expire and renewal of package. We encourage our clients to renew early.

How do I renew my package?

Please proceed to renew at https://www.virtualserviceoffice.com/renewal-form. An updated acknowledgement file will be emailed to you upon receiving payment & renewal form. (New) With effect from early 2016, we will integrate both renewal & payment in ONE form for renewal which save you time.

Do I have to submit signup form again?

Yes, this helps us to ensure that our database and changes are updated. (New) No, with effect from early 2016, we will integrate both renewal & payment in ONE form for renewal.

Do I have to wait till I receive renewal email from ServeHope?

No, you can make payment and submit signup at your earliest convenience as long as you indicate it is a renewal.

Are there any penalty for late renewal?

Yes, an administrative charge of $20 will be imposed for late renewal.

What/How should do if I decided to discontinue my package?

Kindly inform us by email at support@virtualserviceoffice.com. You are required to inform ACRA to remove the use of our business address for your company.

What happens if i do not renew my package?

All letters will be returned to senders including ACRA if no payment is received 1 month after expiry date.

Services including mail notification will be terminated & my information removed from database if no payment is made 1 month after expiry date.

*Our Meeting room, is located at Paya Lebar Square.