ServeHope Virtual Office Terms and Conditions

Do check our T&Cs regularly as there will be updates without notice.

1. I (client), will notify ServeHope 1 Day in advance for mail collection. Mail collection from Monday to Friday (1pm-5pm) except weekends & public holidays.

2. I understand that self mail collection is not applicable at Paya Lebar Square.

3. ServeHope Provide Virtual Office Package, Business Mailing Address, Normal Mail Receipts(exclude all parcels) and Mail Forward Services to Clients in Singapore

4. Client conducting Business in Singapore legally in accordance with the Laws and Regulations of Singapore

5. Terminations:  Should ServeHope have reasons to suspect immoral, unethical, illegal business practice, it reserves the right to immediately terminate all services it provides.

6. Indemnity: Client should indemnify ServeHope for all Claims and Liability cause by Clients /Clients Partners…

7. I, (client) confirm that all information given in this form/website are true, complete and accurate.

8. With effect from 1st July 2017, mails must be collected within 1 month.

9. No Registered Mails and any Parcels whether registered or not, will be received on your behalf as your company’s stamp is required by courier company.

10. Acknowledgement letter will be emailed to you within 1 working day.

11. You can use our Virtual Business Address instantly once payment is made.

12. There will be mail notifications by Whatsapp only when there is any mails to your company.

13. Please make sure that your company name and ACRA number MUST be emailed/submitted if you have not specify in signup form.

14. Please note that ONLY 1 Submission of payment and signup form for each company.(1 ACRA per company)

15. Submission of payment/signup form after 1700hrs, Weekdays/Weekends/Public holidays, will be replied by the next working day.

16. Submission of payment/signup form after Friday, 1700hrs, will be replied on the next working day Monday.

17. ServeHope will not be held responsible, should there be any disputes among Virtual Office Clients and their customers.

18. As ServeHope Virtual Office Address in Packages are for mailing purpose, we do not attend to your visitors on your behalf.

19. Please note that all Virtual Office Packages are noly for local companies in Singapore.

20. Please provide only Singapore Mailing Address for Virtual Office Packages with forward service.

21. All prices with forward service, do not come with additional forward charge.

22. ServeHope reserves all rights to make any changes without any prior notices.

23. If there is any change in your information, please email us the updated information to

24. Do remember to add/whitelist our email to prevent our emails ending up in your spam/junk folder.

25. As long as you/your company is using ServeHope business address, yearly subscription renewal is required, even if the company is dormant.

26. For Virtual Office Package renewal, we strongly encourage all clients to renew their package(s) at least one month before the expiry date of their package(s).

27. An administrative charge of $20 will be imposed for late renewal (existing signup before 1st May 2017).

28. No parcel is allowed. Due to Unforeseen circumstances, parcel(s) received on the company behalf need to be collected within a week , otherwise Admin charge of $10 per week per parcel will be levied.

29. ServeHope will not be held responsible, should there be any lost/defect to your parcel(s) as we have indicated that we do not receive parcel(s).

30. If you decided to stop using our services, kindly inform us by the end of your package expiry date and remove our business address from your company by informing ACRA.

31. Clients will have to pay full package price after 7 days of grace period for expired package if they are still using our address.

32. Outstanding amount has to be paid even business address is removed after 7 days of grace period.

33. For new signups after 1st May 2017, Late Renewal fees of $10 per month per ACRA will be imposed till Removal of our Business Address from Company Acra Record.

34. I understand that all letters will be returned to senders including ACRA if no payment made 1 month after expiry date.

35. I have to update the Register Address with ACRA  (

36. I understand that services including mail notification will be terminated & my information removed from database if no payment is made 1 month after expiry date.

37. In the event of non-renewal or default of renewal fees more than 90 days or any such events of similar effects, the parties mutually agrees that the contract between the parties have terminated.

38. Upon any termination events, the Company acknowledges that it is illegal to continue to use ServeHope address as its registered address and hereby agrees to give a blanket authorization to ServeHope to inform ACRA of such breaches and advise ACRA to immediately remove ServeHope’s Address as the registered address of the Company. In the event of the lack of an alternative address, the Director’s address should be used.