Please make payment below and submit top up form at the same time, will reply with confirmation email within one working day.

ServeHope Virtual Service Office Top up

  • Terms and Conditions

    ServeHope Virtual Office Terms and Conditions for Top up
    Do check our T&Cs regularly as there will be updates without notice.
    1. I, (client) will notify ServeHope if there are any changes in my personal and company information by email/Whatsapp.
    2. Top up package will start immediately upon payment received.
    3. No Registered Mails and any Parcels whether registered or not, will be received on your behalf as your company's stamp is required by courier company.
    4. Acknowledgement letter will be emailed to you within 1 working day.
    5. You can use our Virtual Business Address instantly once payment is made.
    6. You will have to update and inform ACRA ( immediately if there is a change in business address used.
    7. Please provide only Singapore Residential Address for Virtual Office Packages.
    8. No parcel is allowed. Due to Unforeseen circumstances, parcel(s) received on the company behalf need to be collected within a week , otherwise Admin charge of $10/week will be levied.
    9. ServeHope will not be held responsible, should there be any lost/defect to your parcel(s) as we have indicated that we do not receive parcel(s).
    10. I understand that self mail collection is not applicable at Paya Lebar Square.
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