Registering a New Company

Audit Exemption for small companies and dormant companies

Filing Annual Returns of a company

Changing the particulars of a company

Closing a company

Registering a new Limited Liability Partnership

If you are a foreigner

What business entity to register?

Filing the annual declaration

Bizfile – How to do online filing

 Changing the particulars of the Limited Liability Partnership

Closing the Limited Liability Partnership

Application for filing annual returns without Annual General Meeting and/or with one director’s signature

Application for filing a company’s AR without AGM and/or with one director’s signature

Resignation and disqualification of director

Registering a new Limited Partnership

Changing the particulars of the Limited Partnership

Renewing the registration of the Limited Partnership

Closing the Limited Partnership

Registering a new sole proprietorship or partnership

Closing the sole proprietorship or partnership